You’re learning & taking ACTION–so where’s the change? (start here)


Daily Practices

You’ve made the decision–EVERYTHING is changing.

Except… it’s not 100%.

Where is the big leap?

It’s not like you’re not working. It’s not like you haven’t been listening to amazing audios, devouring all the recommended books AND taking action.


Did you create a system?

What I mean by “system” is an artful, effortless way of making it all happen.

You can tell you have a system and not a routine because there’s no stiffness, no sides to close you in. It happens in it’s own flow, consistently, and yet not repetitively.

Imagine you have a garden (or imagine mine if you like–this will all make perfect sense in a second). You can pull weeds every ridiculous sun-beating day OR you can put in ultra competitive plants, the ones that EVOLVED for this sunny rocky sand.

Good luck, dandelions.

Crowd out the weeds blocking your success

In the SAME way, you can sit there and resolve to–

–STOP procrastinating,
–STOP living in fear of being “too loud,”
–STOP wasting your work time on the fancy yet POINTLESS extra,


You can make it really natural to DO certain activities every day.

Create a list of daily practices–
and then SCHEDULE them.

As Tony Robbins says,

If you talk about it, it’s a DREAM.
If you envision it, it’s POSSIBLE.
If you schedule it, it’s REAL.

If you talk about it, it's a DREAM. If you envision it, it's POSSIBLE. If you schedule it it is REAL

One of my two non-negotiable daily practices is to journal on who I am.

I get really clear on WHY I’m doing all of this–who is it that I know I really am? The point here is that when you know where you are going and live it as NOW you take bolder action, you choose YOURSELF.

The second is to write one small, easily manageable task.

I log it when the idea pops in my head, then come back and write SUCCESS! when it’s done–like my own personal cheerleader. Laugh if it suits you, but do it anyways.

This one is incredibly hard for me, as weird as that sounds, and psychologically powerful. It’s powerful because it switches the funky wiring of our brains–the brain is not designed to help you change the world, it only cares about surviving (or at least the dominant parts).¬†Part of me haaates writing down something so little–that part was also once stuck¬†working a soul-killing retail sales job so…


I want to know–what is going on your daily practices list? And what calendar are you scheduling spots for them on (Google Calendar/your planner)?

Let me know below.

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  1. Totally love this–“if you schedule it, it’s real”. YES! This is pretty much how I feel about my blog…I need to make it work, not just wish or dream it!

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