What I learned about my business from chopping my hair off

A business lesson from chopping my hair off

There I was in front of the mirror with scissors, holding 5 inches of hair–

That used to be attached to my head. Aaand that was turning into some very crooked chopping. #MyMidBusinessLifeCrisis

This is exactly the kind of horror story stylists tell you to keep you from extreme DIYing–

But d’you know what’s crazy? Somehow, I pulled it together, re-watched the Youtube tutorial, and came up with something I’m pretty pleased about. ↓↓↓

I chopped my hair into layers
These layers were all past waist-length.

WHY wasn’t I doing this with my business life?

Where were my leaps of faith?

Why was I doubting my ideas–while juggling the rules of multiple biz idols?

Why was I posting, then disappearing?

The biggest difference is that I required myself to be an expert in whatever I blog in. As in–make no mistakes, know more than every single person out there.

The main thing holding you back from being an expert–is that you think you have to be an expert. (Click to tweet it!)

This–hair-cutting–was an arena I could fail in.

It was okay to say, “Hey, I tried this funny experiment… and it ended predictably hilarious!” No one would say, “Aren’t you supposed to be a hair expert?” I’d have no sense of falling below the high bar I set for myself.

Look, I know this all sounds whiny at best–but isn’t most of our subconscious doubting rather silly anyways? Moving on.

When you don't have to be an expert, you make all kinds of brilliant mistakes.

When you don’t have to be an expert, you make all kinds of brilliant mistakes. (Click to tweet it!)

As it stands, I have some pretty decent layers for a DIY. Luckily I had enough hair to make a series of learning mistakes! I’ve learned a lot about what I like in layered hair–and what I’m looking for in a very necessary stylist! Lots learned from taking a plunge for the fun of it.

The stakes are even better in business.

What crazy thing could you try? What if your clients LIKE it?

What if you start using your own daily snaps instead of highly manicured stock photos–and what if your tribe LIKES it? Imagine the kind of  online presence you’d grow as you got better at photography–better at photography that represents YOU.

What if you tried any one of the things you’ve been excited to learn–but terrified you’ll fail extravagantly at?

The worst that could happen is that it’d suck and you’d get  better–That you’d be someone they can see learning and growing.  Evolving.

Your turn.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to try in your business–
but have been afraid of publicly failing at?

(Comment below so I can egg you on!)

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2 Replies to “What I learned about my business from chopping my hair off”

  1. Love these lessons! So true that taking risks is part of the process in business and the rest of your life. I’m working on my comfort level with risks also and hopefully will be pushing to take some new risks soon.

    1. Exciting!

      It’s often not fun to think about–after all, our business represents investment in time and money–but it’s the only way to grow. There are a few leaps of faith I’m taking now, including going back to finish my Business degree while working AND raising two kids. Stressful BUT it feels so right!

      I can’t wait to see what happens with your business with a little risk thrown in–you’ve already nailed such a great aesthetic. It can only go up from here! I’m curious, if there was one risk you could take right now in your business and know that it would work out–what would you go for?

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