To challenge and protect

Challenge and Protect

This Veteran’s Day my daughter’s school had a traditionally cute (and long) ceremony. The gym exploded with eagles with wings made from hand prints.

And I wondered–What does this mean after November 2016?

Hand on my heart–Looking into veteran’s eyes–and their families’ eyes.

That’s a sacrifice to live up to, and to expand. We’re meant to do more than just set up transactions. In business, we’re here to CHALLENGE. To create something better–maybe new–maybe a better revision of what our competitor’s create. And to further do something much bigger with the freedoms we privileged to have.

Challenge the ones you stand with

Aim not just to challenge your clients  and competitors, but to challenge them as you stand alongside them. It’s easy in the short run to launch a campaign on lack and fear.

It’s easy only because you’re buying it on credit to pay for it later with interest.

It takes guts and work upfront.

–To ask your clients to be their best selves with you while honoring who they are now and still sell.

If you’re a photographer–to say love yourself now and love yourself in this beautiful shoot. And to then challenge them to invest in their dream shoot.

If you’re an artist–to say you belong now and you belong while you hang my one-of-a-kind piece. And push them to up their art connoisseur game by buying your work.

If you’re a graphic designer–to say your website is good and true and it will shine with a redesign.  And convince them to up-level their online game by buying your services.

It’s harder in the short run to push people while also supporting them. It’s everything in the long run. That’s true for the day-to-day of business and in life at large.

I think about the veterans who support the Standing Rock Tribe. They made the news for protecting clean water. What makes them great is that they are willing to fight for their country with their lives on the line–and they are willing to speak out against their country’s actions. With love and with courage.

With the veterans for Standing Rock in mind, this weekend calls for more. What’s the big picture of your business? What did you aim to do with this dream?

What do you really want to challenge?

Having a business gives you a voice. If you work a day job and have a side business (like me), don’t write off your voice, you’ve still got it.

What is the one thing the frustrates you most about your field?–so how will you stand with clients and tribe to change it?

What change do you want to see in the world–what crazy dream got you into the entrepreneurial world? Beyond the day-to-day of standing beside clients as you push them higher–what does it add up to?

So–What do you really want to challenge?

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