To challenge and protect

Challenge and Protect

This Veteran’s Day my daughter’s school had a traditionally cute (and long) ceremony. The gym exploded with eagles with wings made from hand prints.

And I wondered–What does this mean after November 2016?

Hand on my heart–Looking into veteran’s eyes–and their families’ eyes.

That’s a sacrifice to live up to, and to expand. We’re meant to do more than just set up transactions. In business, we’re here to CHALLENGE. To create something better–maybe new–maybe a better revision of what our competitor’s create. And to further do something much bigger with the freedoms we privileged to have. Continue reading “To challenge and protect”

What I learned about my business from chopping my hair off

A business lesson from chopping my hair off

There I was in front of the mirror with scissors, holding 5 inches of hair–

That used to be attached to my head. Aaand that was turning into some very crooked chopping. #MyMidBusinessLifeCrisis

This is exactly the kind of horror story stylists tell you to keep you from extreme DIYing–

But d’you know what’s crazy? Somehow, I pulled it together, re-watched the Youtube tutorial, and came up with something I’m pretty pleased about. ↓↓↓

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