Powerful copy comes from asking the right QUESTIONS

Powerful copy comes from questions

A few weeks ago a client surprised me on our Zoom call–

Here she created the copy for her offer on a WHIM–

–but was SHOCKED it came from HER.

The fact is–you simply need to combine your strengths with the right QUESTIONS.

Questions are the key

The reality is this client had some version of this in her head. As the session went on, she described it, in HER business-owner language. She knew it backwards and forwards. She had results to back up the success of her offer. She had her own success story.

The difference was the questions she was asking herself. Continue reading “Powerful copy comes from asking the right QUESTIONS”

You’re not having STRONG results–are you sure you’re giving BIG? (Where to start)

Create Value (A note from my journal)

“BUT what do you mean? –GIVING VALUE is my life blood!”

Yes, it is.

BUT are you giving the value you want to put out–
or are you giving the value your amazing clients-to-be need?

I’ll give you an example:

Today I threw some whipped cream on a carrot and had this brilliant idea to share it with my audience who, as entrepreneurs, clearly care about such things.

Haha–yeah… the idea didn’t survive long enough to happen. (It was tasty, though.)

Here’s the thing–

There are a TON of amazing, insightful business owners out there sharing little things that seem fun OR the parts of their work they find endlessly fascinating… but that their people would rather scroll by. Oops.

I’m not saying never share those–just don’t share that exclusively or often.

Okay–so fun for fun’s sake is out, interesting-because-we-think-so is out.


What’s left? Continue reading “You’re not having STRONG results–are you sure you’re giving BIG? (Where to start)”