To challenge and protect

Challenge and Protect

This Veteran’s Day my daughter’s school had a traditionally cute (and long) ceremony. The gym exploded with eagles with wings made from hand prints.

And I wondered–What does this mean after November 2016?

Hand on my heart–Looking into veteran’s eyes–and their families’ eyes.

That’s a sacrifice to live up to, and to expand. We’re meant to do more than just set up transactions. In business, we’re here to CHALLENGE. To create something better–maybe new–maybe a better revision of what our competitor’s create. And to further do something much bigger with the freedoms we privileged to have. Continue reading “To challenge and protect”

Do you have to quit your job to build your business?

Do I need to quit my job for my biz

Is it me or is this type of question a thinly veiled “do you have GUTS?”

Nah, didn’t think so.

In fact, I KNOW that it takes some serious guts to COMMIT to both work and biz. (I’m a special case of this–I’ll go into it in a second.)

And yes–it DOES take some serious guts to quit your day job to create your day dream. It just isn’t exactly what it’s described as.

How do you know if you’re setting yourself up for early BURNOUT?

The difference between taking a leap of faith–and freefall

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