Powerful copy comes from asking the right QUESTIONS

Powerful copy comes from questions

A few weeks ago a client surprised me on our Zoom call–

Here she created the copy for her offer on a WHIM–

–but was SHOCKED it came from HER.

The fact is–you simply need to combine your strengths with the right QUESTIONS.

Questions are the key

The reality is this client had some version of this in her head. As the session went on, she described it, in HER business-owner language. She knew it backwards and forwards. She had results to back up the success of her offer. She had her own success story.

The difference was the questions she was asking herself.

When you ask yourself, “What will my offer look like? How much will it cost? How will I set it up” you come up with an offer in YOUR BIZ LANGUAGE. Which, of course, is necessary but your clients want to hear it in your THEIR LANGUAGE.

I asked her all these same questions–they are useful, they get the ideas bouncing around in your head. You are familiar with this format–and it’s a lot like brainstorming.

Then I got down to it.

Ask it in your tribe’s language

You already know who you work with and what she wants to create. (And if there’s doubt, get in conversation with your peeps–like yesterday!)

Get specific with what exactly they want.

For example, if you’re creating copy for a new offer:

Where is your ideal client starting out?
Think about what steps she’s taken to now take YOUR OFFER as her next step.

What has she already tried out?
Okay, so how are you different? Better?

What would it be worth to you? Back when you started?
Once we make progress, we tend to forget how impactful these tools were. 
Get into it–what did it feel like? What changed for you after having these tools? What results did it lead to?


Do you see how this shifts your language?

It’s about the RESULTS, not the whole setup you’ve been mapping out with nerdy precision.

What can you ask yourself to keep yourself on track?–to keep yourself focused on your clients?

Scroll up and look at the bulleted questions. Then comment below and tell me which one is MOST USEFUL to you today:

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