Nightmares into DREAMS with the Dream Queen | #RunningWithCuriosity Interview Series

Nightmares into Dreams with the Dream Queen Running with Curiosity

Imagine if–

–there were more AUDACIOUSLY curious, dream-driven people around you?

How would that change your life?

I’m bringing you conversations with the most curious, driven, brave-not-fearless people:

  • digging deep into what makes us brave enough to break the rules,
  • unfolding stories of overcoming fear and pain and THRIVING,
  • sparking dream conversation.

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Teens need you to learn FROM THEM so they can learn from YOU

Teens NEED you to learn from THEM

Get OUT of the “right way” of getting your teen to learn.

You are not meant to follow a one-dimensional story of being the lecturer, the rule-enforcer.

As a tutor, I realized that the way I was making intense connections with my students is by switching roles.

It’s about being curious to provoke curiosity.

I used to worry so much with my kids, and with the kids I tutor, that when  the occasional “tangent” came up I was ruining the learning experience. That I had to take the reins, that I had to force, that I had to be the one talking and they had to be the ones listening–

–only that’s not what was working for me. Continue reading “Teens need you to learn FROM THEM so they can learn from YOU”

Others’ Rules are KILLING Your Teen’s Success

Others Rules are KILLING your teens success 700px

You get this nagging feeling that what other people are telling you is off.

And EVERYONE has an opinion.

Your parents, the news, the school system, your neighbor… and for some reason you even get advice from people who have never parented kids. What is that?

Here’s the thing–no one knows your kid like you  do. And listening to all that noise?–it’s killing your teen’s success.

It’s not because you’re incompetent–because you are FAR from it, whether you feel that way everyday or not. It’s because you want the best for your kid.

You want the best, and you’re told that if you don’t follow this rule or the other, if you don’t slam some heavy duty rules down, or if you don’t handle your teen the way other people do you are going to ruin their chances. That’s your worst nightmare. That’s how they get you. Continue reading “Others’ Rules are KILLING Your Teen’s Success”