Others’ Rules are KILLING Your Teen’s Success

Others Rules are KILLING your teens success 700px

You get this nagging feeling that what other people are telling you is off.

And EVERYONE has an opinion.

Your parents, the news, the school system, your neighbor… and for some reason you even get advice from people who have never parented kids. What is that?

Here’s the thing–no one knows your kid like you  do. And listening to all that noise?–it’s killing your teen’s success.

It’s not because you’re incompetent–because you are FAR from it, whether you feel that way everyday or not. It’s because you want the best for your kid.

You want the best, and you’re told that if you don’t follow this rule or the other, if you don’t slam some heavy duty rules down, or if you don’t handle your teen the way other people do you are going to ruin their chances. That’s your worst nightmare. That’s how they get you.

There are people preying on your fear everyday:

  • FEAR that you’ll miss out, so why don’t you buy this never-before-seen, made-in-China, super-deluxe-one-of-a-kind, gadget EVERYONE is buying but that doesn’t call out to you;
  • FEAR that you’re not enough, so you had better NEVER raise you voice and please don’t scream that message you are passionate about;
  • FEAR of refugees, of people that don’t look like you–all that ridiculous fear-mongering;
  • FEAR that you’re actually not as good at this whole parenting thing as you think.

That’s the fear that hurts us deep as parents.

It’s also the fear that hurts our kids.

Because they do what they say us do, not what we tell them. Frustratingly, they will sneak ice cream out of the refrigerator and give us that, “Oh? So then why do you?” when we tell them not to. That horrible twisting feeling you get when you shrink to listen to well-intentioned, misplaced advice? They will grow up to live it.

Listen–listen to that voice that comes from a place of love–that comes from knowing this still-growing, used to be so tiny, human. You saw the unique little things that she did when she was first learning to walk, the way she has always worn her biggest smiles since she broke into that first huge grin. You know when she’s not thriving; you know when she’s bursting into her light.

You know.


What is ONE rule that feels wrong to you, that you are SICK of struggling to follow? And how will you change that TODAY?

Tell me in the comment section below, I want to be here for you. ❤

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