Creating a BORDERLESS Life with the Location Independence Queen Crystal Davis | #RunningWithCuriosity

Borderless Life Crystal Davis Running With Curiosity


Jump to the Highlights:

On breaking a Guinness World Record–riding a rickshaw. 0:30

What crushing a goal really amounts to 2:20

Crystal’s surprise ah-ha about how self-talk impacted her ride 4:17

Being happy on purpose–where do you begin? 5:15

Where the balance is in strengths and weaknesses 8:37

Why finding happiness FIRST is the key to success 9:22

“Happiness is actually, genuinely an inside job” 10:25

Taking the LEAP–creating the momentum is the training 11:20

How going with your passion is where everything connects 12:30

Crystal’s journey: corporate cog to Location Independence Queen 14:11

Creating EXPLORATION as a top value in your life 14:58

“If you’re afraid you’re going to fail just go straight at it!” 20:10

How life shifts when you IMPRESS YOURSELF 22:11

The only way: making your dream has to be bigger than the fear 27:44


Feel the fear and do it anyway focus on the dream


Business mindset: forward is the ONLY option 31:00

Do this about people who say “it can’t be done” 31:50

How travel changes how you see the world & connection 35:38

How to indulge your EXPLORER side 41:41

Inspiration & action–the perfect sweet spot in life 42:30

“The only antidote to FEAR is ACTION” 43:23

“If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a NO” 47:09

Inspiration comes from authenticity 53:50



Amazing. I am so in LOVE with all the possibilities–looking at Crystal’s journey, and in the last interview at Brandy’s journey, it just proves–

–explore YOUR path. Magic will follow.


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