How to Help Your Future College Grad Plan a Career

Let’s get your kid closer to career-life-ready with this one tip.

Consider this:

While it seems complicated it really doesn’t have to be hard to guide your kid to career success–in fact, you are already uniquely qualified.

As a parent I’m right there with you–it feels like everyday there’s a new strategy to learn for being a successful parent–or rather, one more item on the list of what we’re “terrible” at as parents. This is the complete opposite.

What immediately comes to mind to try? I find it helps so much to move right from clarity, to an idea, to action. I hope this lights a spark for you like it did for me!

If I could go back to my middle and high school days I’d try shadowing. It was always on my list but I found it intimidating to set the process in motion. Now that I’ve had more experience working with people on different career paths I can deeply appreciate the value of taking that plunge to see the human and day-to-day side of different careers. Luckily we have the opportunity to give the small nudge to get our kids going, and let’s face it, it typically does take some nudging!

So tell me, what’s one way you can try this today?
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