Do you have to quit your job to build your business?

Do I need to quit my job for my biz

Is it me or is this type of question a thinly veiled “do you have GUTS?”

Nah, didn’t think so.

In fact, I KNOW that it takes some serious guts to COMMIT to both work and biz. (I’m a special case of this–I’ll go into it in a second.)

And yes–it DOES take some serious guts to quit your day job to create your day dream. It just isn’t exactly what it’s described as.

How do you know if you’re setting yourself up for early BURNOUT?

The difference between taking a leap of faith–and freefall


After years of studying entrepreneurial success–and starting my second business–I noticed a jump/fall pattern. These entrepreneurs would be hyper-active online, and COMPLETELY lit up, only to disappear in a few months. ¬†They had all the markers of success–increased followers, improved content quality, raving testimonials, and they were making money.

So what happened?

The myth of the required job leap

Losing steam after quitting a day job boils down to a few main things:

  • lack of daily structure to get work done
  • unpredictable income
  • forgetting WHY the journey started

Crazily enough, being in a job FORCES you to get your business work done. It leaves you with specific windows of time and you learn to take them. You have a steady (albeit less interesting) income to INVEST in digital gadgets, software tools, and support in building your business (coach, team members).

If you have the resources, you’re set up to follow your instincts and make the leaps that matter.

Most importantly, it reminds you every day WHY you started. You have the daily grind of your day job versus the joy of doing what you’re meant to do.

So why do we hear so much about quitting our day jobs?

Sure, maybe you DO need to close the door on your old job right now. So say quite a few business experts and coaches.

What I’ve noticed as that too many of these coaches DID have an inheritance, a family to lean on, or another income. Not all, but most. Again, awesome! Is this you, though? No? That’s awesome, too.

Your business leap is different.

On my end, it made sense to get BACK into a day job. At my day job, I work with academic performance and test performance. I’ve been able to tap into measuring success, performance psychology, and creating flexible structure to get things done. The insights are infinitely valuable to me as a business performance coach for creatives–plus I get a steady income to invest in tech gear. Win!

“What JOYFULLY horrifying action do I need to take?”


That’s the real question.

What would hit your biz like lighting?

Do you need to collaborate with other entrepreneurs?

Show up on video?

Launch a website?

This is where your leaps are. And these are all so much easier to carry out to your maximum potential when you’ve got a day job to lean on. So, why not?

Quick question for you–

In what ways does you day job SUPPORT what you’re doing now?

The more you can capitalize on this, the quicker you’ll leave it behind. #Ironic #LOA

Or, if you’ve made the transition, how did you leverage your day job for your business? How about the skills from that job?

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